MUSES Collaboration Meeting 2022


The MUSES collaboration organizes yearly collaboration meetings held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In these meetings, the core members of MUSES, together with a few external participants, join forces to work in the development of the different MUSES modules.

:spiral_calendar: The 2022 meeting will be held May 9-11, 2022 (.ics)

Registration and travel

:house: See the Workshop homepage to :memo: register and view info about :airplane: :hotel: travel and accommodations.

Meeting Location and Zoom Info

Room: Loomis 204 known as the Interaction Room, 2nd floor. It’s near the mailboxes and glass admin office.

:video_camera: Zoom Meeting ID: 858 0562 9899 (Password: MUSES22)

The meeting will take place in person in the Loomis Laboratory building at 1110 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801

Join the discussion

:left_speech_bubble: If you have questions or comments, join the discussion right here by replying to this topic!

:bell: Watch this topic and the :hash: muses_meeting_2022 tag to get updates as plans evolve and stay part of the discussion.

:email: Or if you prefer even more privacy, send a private message to the MUSES leadership using this link.

Checklist for meeting participants

:ballot_box_with_check: Participants should read the Getting Started guide to learn how to sign up for announcements during the meeting and for speakers to upload their presentations before the meeting.


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@nyunes Remind me of the format for this session. I assume this is a typo and that we are each presenting for 30 min with 15 min budgeted for discussion (30+15+30+15 min = 1.5 hrs) ?

Well, Tuesday and Wed are like that (30 + 60) because there is only one speaker. For Monday, it’s different. I think we said that @jakinh and I would talk for 30 mins and then you would talk for 60, but I think it’s maybe better to do 30 + 15 for each of us.

That’s right, we actually need to prepare that talk still. Nico, when are we going to do that!?!??!

We should make a separate topics for the numbered sessions so that questions and answers and follow-up discussion can stay close to the actual events.

For example, Monday’s first morning session should have a topic, and then the second morning session should have a separate topic since the conversation will be very different there. People can post links to their code or resources under discussion and so on. During the talks people can post live chat there instead of in Zoom, which everyone know is terrible chat-wise and then you can’t retain the things people said easily.

This will also people to follow the subjects they care about instead of an all-or-nothing firehose of discussion about everything in the meeting.

I’m sure this is somewhere but I haven’t found it yet. What room is it in? Somewhere in Loomis?

This is a good question. I assumed someone would be posting signage with those old-fashioned pointing fingers directing us to the room :laughing:

Loomis room 204 known as the interaction room. I posted some more details above

@jakinh @nyunes I’ll bring my larger and louder Bluetooth speaker today in case it is needed. Perhaps it will be useful to hear people on Zoom asking questions or possibly even participating in breakout code session discussions.

Feel free to capture conclusions/questions from todays constraints discussion related to Veronica’s session in the “home topic” for the constraints system design:

Here’s the constraint table link: Empirical and theoretical constraints on the EoS - HedgeDoc

@alford and others programming in Python: :link: Here is the documentation for the most popular YAML library for Python that we discussed at today’s session.