Let's talk about notifications

There are many ways to customize your notifications to keep the noise in your inbox down without missing out on messages you care about.

The basics

Notifications come in several different levels, from the noisiest Watching to the quietest Muted. When you see the bell icon image , you can click it to set the notifications for that topic, category, group, or tag.


Global preferences

You can set your own global preferences, which you should go explore right now after reading this.


Here you can see all the tags and categories you are currently getting notifications for and at what level.


Preferences per category or tag

Often we want to watch activity in one category such as the #collaboration category at the level of Watching first post because we want to see new topics but not necessarily all the comments immediately. Other times, you want to be Watching a category like your module team category (e.g. #cmf-module ) because you do not want to miss any messages there.

Sometimes you want to start following activity related to a particular tag such as muses_meeting_2022 because there are topics with that tag that are in different categories. Why would we use tags this way? Often it is because some of the topics should be private to the collaboration while some can be publicly visible in the #general category.

You can follow a tag by clicking the tag and then finding the bell icon as discussed above in the list of tagged topics:

If a topic is too noisy for you or you are not interested in it anymore, use the bell icon on that specific topic to set it to Regular. (It is rare to need the Muted level, since typically if someone @mentions you, you want to be notified.)

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