Training opportunity: Using GPUs with Python (NVIDIA Workshop)

Training opportunity: Using GPUs with Python: NVIDIA Workshop.

Presenter: Kristopher Keipert, NVIDIA
Topics: CuPy/RAPIDS
Length: 2 hours

Abstract: In this workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience accelerating Python code with NVIDIA GPUs. We will utilize code samples in two main categories to introduce you to Python GPU accelerated computing. First, we will explore drop-in replacements for SciPy and NumPy code through the CuPy library. Then, we’ll cover NVIDIA RAPIDS, which provides GPU acceleration for end-to-end data science workloads. We’ll finish with an end-to-end example that incorporates all the tools introduced to tackle a geospatial problem. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the skills to start accelerating your own Python code with NVIDIA GPUs!

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Python. Familiarity with NumPy, and/or Scikit-learn is beneficial.

:spiral_calendar: To register by Nov 28, please use the registration form at Using GPUs with Python: NVIDIA Workshop.