Short class on OpenMP/MPI parallelism in C/C++

Hello all,

I am to organizing a short zoom class on 7/6 and 7/7 from 2-4 pm EDT, an introduction to parallel programming in C/C++. I plan
to cover the topics below. Email me if you are interested and if
you have other topics which you would like me to cover.

Take care,

  1. Makefiles/environment variables
  2. HPC filesystems
  3. OpenMP parallelism
    a) How to compile, determine threads
    b) basic patterns
    c) shared vs. private variables
    d) thread-safety and const-correctness
  4. MPI parallelism
    a) How to compile
    b) basic patterns (round-robin,
    parent-child, etc.)
    c) MPI_Wtime
  5. Slurm scripting
  6. Advice on best practices

Andrew W. Steiner (he/him/his)

Thanks for sharing. I added it to the MUSES calendar for more visibility (and so that I might remember to attend myself).

@awsteiner Did you have any MUSES members attend your first session yesterday?

Just Johannes Jahan from UH, but we had other NP3M and N3AS people as well.