Nextcloud for MUSES cloud storage and collaborative tools

The MUSES collaboration runs a dedicated Nextcloud server that provides a wealth of collaborative tools, including cloud file storage, group calendars, and many more via installable apps. This free and open source system allows our scientists and researchers to securely and easily share information and get work done while maintaining control over the data. Importantly, we are able to incorporate collaborators from any institution because we are not beholden to licensing costs and other constraints of commercial services.

Nextcloud is used by tens of millions of users at thousands of organizations across the globe, with a vibrant open source community and the financial stability of the Nextcloud company that sells enterprise-level business solutions.

An example of the continued success and growth of Nextcloud is that it recently became part of the Google Play Security Reward Program:

To improve the security of Android apps, the Google Play Security Reward Program offers up to $ 20,000 security bug bounties for popular Android apps including TikTok, Paypal, Tesla, Spotify, Facebook, Snapchat and Nextcloud Talk and Files.