MUSES on Matrix: New server and Slack bridge

New server at

In the ongoing transition from the original working MUSES project domain to, we have deployed a new Matrix homeserver that the collaboration is welcome to use. Due to the decentralized and federated structure of the Matrix protocol, it is not possible to change the domain of an existing homeserver, so we were forced to create a new one.

:left_speech_bubble: Try out the new client app here – or connect from your own favorite Matrix client – and send us a message on the MUSES General discussion room!

:passport_control: You may still authenticate with the same seamless Keycloak method as you do for any other MUSES web services.

:warning: After some period of overlap to ease the transition, the original homeserver at will be taken offline.

:information_source: If you are unfamiliar with Matrix, please take a moment to read our short article explaining what it is.

Slack bridge

:tada: This week we also installed and configured a Slack-to-Matrix bridge that allows us to have integrated conversations between people using Slack (typically from a Slack workspace provided by their institution) and people using the free and open Matrix network. This is a significant advance in the tools of our collaboration and its inclusivity and long-term sustainability.

Click the graphic below to learn more: