Intro to Parallel Computing on High-Performance Systems Workshop (2022/11/03)

Intro to Parallel Computing on High-Performance Systems Workshop


NCSA, Research IT, and the Illinois Campus Cluster Program will offer this 2-hours workshop with hands-on exercises. We will explore how to build new parallel applications and transform serial applications into parallel ones incrementally in a shared memory environment. Exercises will use OpenMP, a standardized API for parallelizing Fortran, C, and C++ programs on shared-memory architectures. After completing this training, attendees will be prepared for more advanced or different parallel computing tools and techniques.

Learning topics

  • Parallel computing terminology
  • Programming models
  • High-performance systems architecture
  • Data and task parallelism
  • Performance measurement
  • Basic OpenMP parallelization


This workshop will be presented virtually (Zoom) on 11/3/2022 at 2 PM CT. Registrations will close on 10/27 at 11:59 AM CT.

More training opportunities are at: Online Training | Research IT

@cyberinfrastructure Reminder: This workshop is happening today at 2:00pm (Chicago time).