How to maintain the MUSES publication list


The list of publications related to the MUSES project is an important information source for the public to see the productivity of our scientific collaboration. Keeping this list current and comprehensive is the responsibility of the scientists in the collaboration. The MUSES web services include user-friendly tools that gives collaborators direct control over the publication list.


  • MUSES “collaboration site” is one of the “landing pages” associated with the project. It is bound to the domain and represents the NSF award recipients and their 5-year funded program.

  • MUSES “community site” is the other “landing page” associated with the project that is the long-term home of the open source community we are building around MUSES. NCSA hosts it for now, but it is portable and could be transparently migrated to another institution as needed in the future.

  • Publication RSS feed and synchronization scheme

    One advantage is that we will have a collaborative, user-friendly way to manage the growing list of MUSES publications.

    Another advantage is that when published this way, a publication is included in the RSS feed that is amenable to programmatic download of the information.

How to create and update publications

  1. Login to the WordPress editor dashboard using your typical MUSES account via Keycloak.

  2. Open the Posts list. Copy the latest existing publication post. (If you do not have access to this editor, please contact Andrew @andrew.manning or Roland @rhaas .)

  3. In the Post body, change the

    • Title
    • Authors
    • Abstract
    • BibTeX
  4. In the Post settings:

    • Change the Permalink “URL Slug”

    • Ensure Categories includes Publications, Papers

    • Replace the Featured Image

    • :warning: Compose the Excerpt using the following pattern, where the Abstract is a short “teaser” with ellipses. This is important, because this is the content that is actually parsed to populate the collaboration site publication list.

      Date: Month DD, YYYY
      Title: Title of paper
      Authors: Author One, Author Two, ...
      Abstract: We calculate an equation of state with super amazing simulations that include hyperdimensional...

  5. Publish the post.

HI @andrew.manning I just tried this now and I only have the view edit option:

Can you provide me access?


You’re an editor now so you should have access.

Hi @andrew.manning, @vdexheim and @jakinh,

Thanks for the detailed instructions, Andrew. I have updated the constraints paper on the website.

I have one request. Currently, it is hard to distinguish between the title, abstract, and date of publication in the published post. Can you highlight these items for better visibility, for example, using bold text?

Apparently there were 500 plugin and theme updates to apply, so at least this catalyzed that maintenance.

Also something seems to have screwed up the formatting of the page. It did not look this bad months ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll see if it has something to do with a theme update.

At least the automatic mirroring of the post data is working because the project website at Publications | MUSES | UIUC updated.

@rajesh.sism Did you accidentally delete the featured image for Claudia’s lattice CQD paper? I swear it had an image.

Yeah, it had. I deleted that accidentally.

Sorry about that.

I deleted the copied post, but now I realize that the database was shared. Could you please restore that?

It looks a little better than it did before after I set it to “show entire post contents”, but I don’t particularly like the overal page formatting and colors.

See what you can do on your own. As Editor you should have all the permissions you need to do stuff like that. If I was more of a WordPress expert I could direct you, but you can search online for instructions as well as I can!

Yeah, me too. The current formatting does not look good to me.

Also, I think I have an idea to restore.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I uploaded a new featured image just to have something there but you are welcome to update/change it as you like.

Yes, I checked that.

What we really should do at some point is convert the site from using the Highlight theme to the Divi plugin that I purchased a while back, but this is not a one-click operation. Since we already have the content (text and images) and general layout, rebuilding it from scratch using the superior Divi editor might not be too time consuming.