Galaxy for MUSES analysis workflow and job management

At the RSECon22 conference this week, I was introduced to a framework called Galaxy that looks like something we could leverage for the MUSES calculation engine. This presentation is a good place to look for a quick intro to the software. Also


@rhaas do you have any experience with this?

Never heard of it (or at least do not recall ever having heard of it).

Certainly their claim of

  • No installation, all you need is a browser.
  • No complex commands, just point and click!

causes mixed feelings. Excel is also easy and has no complex commands, and not installing anything also means that I have no control over what version is actually run (or when they update the version they offer).

Making things reproducible however is great!

Initially for us there might be the question how easy it would be to create “custom” workflows. Our compute engine, if one neglects that actual compute heavy part, is essentially just a workflow engine (and there are any number of those we could choose from), so if this one has a nice GUI and enforced provenance tracking that would be neat.