CHEP 2023 - A place to shine?

Hi everyone,

I have been informed that the 26th International Conference on Computing in High Energy & Nuclear Physics | Jefferson Lab will take place in Norfolk (VA), during May 8th-12th 2023.

I think it would be a great opportunity for people of our collaboration to present their work, as the topic of the conference is perfectly suited for what we intend to do.
However, the deadline for abstracts is on Thursday, Nov. 17th 2022 (so, very soon).

FYI: I will submit one myself, but related to my previous work on EPOS, so I won’t be presenting any MUSES related stuff.

Hope to see some MUSERS there !

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Thanks for sharing this @jjahan . I see in the program there are a few tracks that might be appropriate for showing our collaborative tools and services, as well as our code development methods, similar to my BAND collaboration seminar in September:

Track 8 - Collaboration, Reinterpretation, Outreach and Education

Collaborative tools; reinterpretation tools; analysis preservation and reuse; data preservation for collaboration; outreach activities; open data for outreach; training initiatives; event displays; open science cloud initiatives.

Track 5 - Sustainable and Collaborative Software Engineering

Software frameworks; collaborative software; sustainable software; software management, continuous integration; software building; testing and quality assurance; software distribution; programming techniques and tools; integration of external toolkits.

@nyunes @jakinh are any of your students or postdocs considering this conference? I also see a track that looks relevant for the physic modules themselves:

Track 6 - Physics Analysis Tools

Analysis algorithms; object identification; object calibration; analysis workflows; lattice QCD; theory calculations; high performance analysis frameworks.