"beginner" EOS for NR BNS simulation

With my MUSES hat off and my Einstein Toollkit hat on, I was asked about what a “good” (tabulated) EOS to simulate a double BNS merger, probably excluding neutrino radiation, but non-zero temperature (not fully consistent, I know), would be.

While I suspect that this is something that is likely to result in long and violent discussions and may well depend on the details of the simulation: is there a EOS (e.g., in COMPOSE) that one could suggest right now (so not one of our target EOS in MUSES) as a good EOS for (test) BNS simulation for a new code?

Hi Roland,

how about DD2 or SFHo? They have been extensively studied, so there are good reference points in the literature for a “beginner” to compare the results of their simulations.

They are available on StellarCollapse and on CompOSE and can be readily used without additional matching of low density EOSs.

Hello Elias, ok. So I will suggest those two. At least I recognize the names and have used them before :slight_smile: